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Choosing a Room Theme

Let Inspiration Strike!

Choosing a Room Theme

A room can serve many functions and it would seem appropriate to decorate one in a theme that matches its purpose. But it’s your intuition that will ultimately determine the decor. You just need to translate what a setting says to you. But you can’t indulge your intuition until you’ve initially considered practicality. First, it’s necessary to determine who the room’s primary occupants will be. For instance, if it’s a place for you and your spouse to occupy, you might include a lavish bed with silky white sheets, or something equally intimate. Obviously, this choice wouldn’t work well in an area where, say, kids and pets play.

Crack the books

Do a little research. Go through the latest home furnishings magazines and tear out the pictures of room styles that appeal to you. Keep them in a dedicated physical folder. This way you’ll always have those great ideas on hand. And if you decide to work with a designer, such images will benefit you both greatly. Honestly, if you find you’re really stuck for inspiration, hiring a professional to assist you can be a great option!

It’s all relative

Of course, the most important inclusions to any room are found in furnishings. Above all, you need to keep scale in mind. That’s the amount of actual space you have to work with as opposed to the size of your furniture. Take measurements before making any purchase!  A couch that’s way too big will stick out like a sore thumb!

All together now

It’s also important to be mindful of consistency. A hodge-podge of colors, styles or design is rarely appealing. Take advantage of matching furniture collections to remove a lot of guesswork. For instance, an ensemble like the Bernadette living room collection (SM8200) is perfect with its matching patterns and neutral palette. Sets such as this create a sense of instant uniformity.

The Bernadette living room collection features matching patterns and a neutral beige base.

Using a centerpiece

Another approach you may take to establishing a theme is to simply start with a signature piece, something unique that really can lay the groundwork for what’s to come. Maybe it’s a large beloved antique, like a statue or a chandelier. By using this concept you may artfully build around the focal point and create a truly special room built almost entirely from your imagination.

A bright idea

Of course, your choice of lighting will also have a profound effect. You could likely decorate walls on lighting alone, just as they did in low-budget film noir films of the 40s. But that’s not entirely practical. So start with task lighting to focus on where it’s needed most, like the spot where you do your reading. Installing some sort of ambient light will help you set the preferred mood. Replace your conventional switches with dimmers to allow limitless options.

Lamps can sit on top of an end table next to a reading couch.

 The little things

Once you’ve got the furniture and lighting covered, it’s all about the final personal touches. On your kid’s wall, a poster of a basketball superstar may loom large. In the living room, pictures of your family may be displayed to maximum effect. In the den, trophies of any sort may earn the prestige of being the center of attention. Personal items such as these are the most necessary for enhancing a theme and completing a room!

We hope you’ll take some of this advice to heart when planning out the separate interiors of your home. Remember, a created style is ultimately a reflection of the person designing it – so let it bring out your very best!

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