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TV Stands

A TV stand can serve as a table, a cabinet set, an entertainment center, or an entertainment stand whose main purpose is to give your TV a location to stay upright. Most TV stands are built to be at just the right height to watch TV comfortably. These stands also typically come with storage space so you have a place to keep your DVD’s, music, or viewing devices that may need a place to stay near the TV. In addition, televisions are generally the centerpieces of the living room, in many cases, TV Stands are also used to help decorate the living room space.

So you’re moving into a small apartment and you have found yourself with little to no space for all your stuff. It can be daunting and frustrating to decorate a place that barely has enough room to hold your precious belongings, never mind the furniture that fits your style. While a couch, coffee table, chairs, and bed may be your priority when squeezing into a small space, an often overlooked – yet important – staple to any living room is a TV stand. A suitable TV stand for your apartment can oftentimes boost your available storage space. In that area. If your TV is mounted against the wall, a suitable TV stand can literally blend in seamlessly and serve as an entire platform to store even more items.

TV tables can come in all shapes and sizes. And you can get them for any room whether it’s a TV stand for bedrooms or your living room. Whether it’s just large enough to hold your TV or a huge entertainment system that takes up the entire wall, each has a purpose. Not only is size a factor with television stands and entertainment stands, but so is style! TV stands can be an open one with room to display knickknacks and movies, or enclosed to act as a supplemental storage unit. Because there’s such an overwhelming amount of options, we’ve featured five of our favorite bloggers with open TV stands and five of our favorite bloggers with enclosed TV stands and asked for some tips on how to utilize a TV stand or entertainment stand in a small space or apartment. The actual decision should still be based on your personal preference, available indoor space, and functionality. But these tips from Hawkins Woodshop bloggers will definitely help you out and at least give you a head start!