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Feel inspired as you prepare for the day in front of a makeup vanity. Here are some helpful tips to choose the right makeup table vanity:

OrganizationMakeup tables in bedrooms or bathrooms can be stained and disorganized with products and items scattered all about. This mess can take away from the aesthetic of a room and a beautiful vanity table. Here are some suggestions to avoid this situation:• Use Drawers: Drawers add substance to the vanity and room it’s in. You can get a vanity with drawers running parallel to the tabletop and down the sides. Determine what products are worthy of being center stage on the makeup table and put the rest in storage for easy access when needed.• Use Acrylic Storage Containers: Strategically place your beauty supplies in acrylic storage containers. You’ll be able to see what you’re grabbing before conveniently sliding the containers beneath your bedroom vanity.• Use Mason Jars: Put your mason jars to good use by storing blush brushes, brow pencils and lip gloss in them. Mason jars are popular decor in many households, so they’ll look great atop your vanity table.CustomizationRefresh your personal space with a makeup vanity that reflects your personality. Here’s how:• Paint your vanity set: A traditional white makeup vanity blends in with any decor and color scheme in a room. Light colors such as teal or soft gray will add zest and contribute to a soothing theme.• Show off your creativity: As your glamour haven, your vanity makeup table should be the focal point of the room. You can hang your favorite jewelry from vintage knobs or surround the mirror with pictures of friends and family.• Go antique: Lend to a classic vanity appeal by using an antique makeup mirror as the centerpiece. You’ll need a high magnifying mirror for applying makeup.• Add accoutrements: A single flower in a vase or a collection of candles can be impressive touches to a bedroom vanity.Other Tips• Avoid shadows by adjusting your mirror to eye level. Shadows can cause deception when putting on makeup. Modern makeup vanities should accommodate.• Don’t overdo the lighting, as your makeup vanity should be supported by ample natural light. A few bulbs above the mirror or a standing lamp should provide enough focus when getting ready in the evening.• A standard vanity mirror set is necessary. Solely using a magnifying mirror can be bad for your vision, and might reveal blemishes that are invisible to the naked eye.It’s important to have a comfortable place to get ready in the morning that showcases your natural beauty while also allowing you to highlight your favorite features. A makeup vanity can serve as that piece of furniture.  Hawkins Woodshop Makeup Vanities.