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Lazy Chair Modern Lounge Reclining Armchair Sofa with Ottoman Comfy Reclining Chair for Living Room

Original price was: $279.99.Current price is: $138.98.
Holds Up To 330 Pounds: Use heavy duty Round steel frame and X-shaped reinforced structure, stable and not shaking, safe

Sofas, Sectionals & Loveseats

It’s no surprise that at Hawkins Woodshop we have endless options when buying your new sofa sectional. We understand that this can be challenging but rest assured, we’ll do all the heavy lifting (pun intended – we have a great team that can unbox your items for you). So when you start searching away at all the options you could see yourself lounging on, hosting parties, and having friends and family gather around on, we want to provide a family of brands that you can trust.

One of the first steps when shopping for your sofa sectional is knowing what orientation you need to compliment your space. What exactly do we mean? Well, if you’re standing in your space and are imagining your new stunning sofa sectional from Hawkins Woodshop in front of you, you will also be looking at which end of the sectional is the longest. For example, if you need a right hand facing sectional, imagine (again) yourself standing in front of this piece of furniture and you go to cannonball towards the right side of sectional and immediately extend your legs on the sectional. This would be what we call a “right hand facing” sectional. If you have space that can accommodate either a left or a right hand facing sectionals, try shopping for our reversible orientation items. Last, we have symmetrical orientation, these tend to be U shaped.

Once you’ve selected your orientation, think about selecting a fabric that best suits your needs and impresses your family and friends as well. If you have a high traffic area, opt for a more durable upholstery material. Start by looking at some of our Performance Fabrics. Here you’ll see that we’ve grouped together options that are durable, fade-resistant, colorfast, antimicrobial fabrics. If you want something a little more rich looking, our favorite are our velvet sofa sectionals. This soft, fuzzy, luxurious fabric will invite your guests to feel right at home. Velvet is a woven tufted fabric which has a short dense height. Velvet can be made from either synthetic or natural fibers such as silk, cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, acetate, and more. Or what about something a little more seasonal to compliment a family summer home; consider Linen. This textile is made from the fibers of the flax plant and is valued for being absorbent and lightweight.

Hawkins Woodshop aims to satisfy its customers in every way possible, and we are sure we’ll be able to help you find your perfect sofa sectional exactly the way you want it. Happy shopping!