Extendable Dining Table, Oak, Made in Italy


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  • 100% MADE IN ITALY: Idea, Design, Project and Production by Mobili Fiver.
  • DINING TABLE: Extendable dining table. Min. length: 55.1 in. Features 2 extra leaves that reach a length of 70.8 or 86.6 in (seats up to 10 people). The extension leaves can be stored under the table top.
  • EXTENDABLE: Quick and easy to extend (the legs stay in the same place). The continuity of the wood grain of the finish is NOT guaranteed (on the top and between the leaves and the top). Easy to clean with the use of a damp cloth and a mild detergent.
  • ASSEMBLY: Hardware and assembly instructions are included in the package. It takes about an hour to assemble (2 people). The special packaging will protect the table from potential transportation damage.
  • MATERIAL: Structure in high quality melamine, the extension mechanism (guides) is in galvanized metal. The chairs in the image are not for sale.

Product Description

Extendable table Easy

Modern design to furnish your room or your kitchen with functionality: the modern Extendable Dining Table. “Easy” extendable table for the kitchen or the dining room is available in different colours both modern and classic. The table can be extended with 2 extensions: it measures 70.8 in closed, with one extension 70.8 in and with both 86.6 in (the extensions are placed under the top).


Extending Console Table

Extendable consoles with integrated extensions are a great space-saving solution. From small tables they turn into functional 120 in tables! Family or friends who show up, perhaps without warning? Don’t panic: just open the Easy console table and there will be room for everyone!

Corner shelves

The really particular corner shape allows you to give a different touch to the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom. With the useful but discreet concealed fixing you can easily compose different solutions, adapting different types of furniture, also thanks to the numerous finishes available.

Coffee table

Its clean and linear style easily adapts to any type of furniture, designed to respond to the requests of those who love the most classic design but want still want to mix it with a more modern style. Solid structure, resistant surface, extremely simple to assemble, it is ideal for those who are beginners in finding ways to furnish their home.

Style Modern classic Modern Modern Modern Modern Modern
To be assembled Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Use Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Seats 6 (closed) | 8 (open) 6 (closed) | 10 (open) 4 (closed) | 8 (open) 6 (closed) | 8 (open) 6 (closed) | 10 (open) 6 (closed) | 10 (open)
Cleaning Non-abrasive liquid detergents Non-abrasive liquid detergents Non-abrasive liquid detergents Non-abrasive liquid detergents Non-abrasive liquid detergents Non-abrasive liquid detergents
Instructions and hardware Included Included Included Included Included Included
Measurements open (inch) 86.6 x 35.4 x 30.3 h 86.6 x 198.4 x 30.3 h 70.8 x 198.4 x 30.3 h 86.6 x 35.4 x 29.3 h 86.6 x 198.4 x 29.5 h 86.6 x 198.4 x 30.3 h
Measurements closed (inch) 55.1 x 35.4 x 30.3 h 55.1 x 198.4 x 30.3 h 198.4 x 198.4 x 30.3 h 55.1 x 35.4 x 29.3 h 55.1 x 198.4 x 29.5 h 55.1 x 198.4 x 30.3 h
Material High quality melamine top, the extension mechanism (guides) is in galvanized metal, while the “saber” legs are in solid beech Structure in high quality melamine, the extension mechanism (guides) is in galvanized metal Structure in high quality melamine, the extension mechanism (guides) is in galvanized metal Structure in high quality melamine, the extension mechanism (guides) is in galvanized metal Structure in high quality melamine, the extension mechanism (guides) is in galvanized metal Structure in high quality melamine, the extension mechanism (guides) is in galvanized metal
Type of opening Central (the legs follow the perimeter) Central (legs remain fixed) Book opening Central (the legs follow the perimeter) Lateral Central (the legs follow the perimeter)

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