12 Inch Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / Certipur-Us Certified / Pressure Relieving, Queen, White

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  • General Note: Please allow 24 – 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding.General Note: Please allow 24 – 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster in a warmer room. In cold temperature, at delivery, your mattress may take a bit longer to return to full sized from its compressed state.The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per the surrounding.
  • THE RIGHT COMBINATION – Our special recipe for rejuvenating rest? Refreshing green tea and moisture-absorbing ActivCharcoal infused into pressure-relieving memory foam that cradles your shape so you awake free of aches and pains and fresh as a daisy, Pressure relieving comfort foam
  • PRESSURE-RELIEVING FOAMS – 3 inches conforming memory foam, 2 inches soft, airflow enhancing comfort foam, and 7 inches durable, high density base support foam; ideal for side sleepers and petite to average weight sleepers
  • CERTIPUR US CERTIFIED – Highest quality foam is CertiPUR US Certified for durability, performance, and content
  • EXPERTLY PACKAGED – Our technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box that’s easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom; simply unbox, unroll and this mattress does the rest, expanding to its original shape within 72 hours. Natural, refreshing green tea extract
  • Worry-free 10 year lid warranty included; twin mattress supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs, while all other sizes can support up to 500 lbs

The recipe for our #1 best-selling mattress? Refreshing green tea, plush-as-a-cotton-ball memory foam and over a decade of experience perfecting mattresses that make sleep a little more wonderful. Our Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress begins with our proprietary green tea and charcoal infused memory foam, because we’re fanatics about finding the sleep-enhancing qualities of natural ingredients. And boy, do these ingredients work! Rich green tea helps keep your mattress fresh as a daisy, and ActivCharocal effectively blocks moisture that would otherwise lead to smelly smells. Precisely layered CertiPUR-US certified foams allow you to sink into this mattress just right, for a supportive feeling that cradles your achiest joints and aligns your spine. Open air pockets in the middle layer of comfort foam encourage airflow so you don’t overheat, and they also add extra comfort beneath areas that need it most, like the shoulders, hips and knees. A 10 year worry-free warranty is also included, so you can rest assured that we’ll take care of you should anything about it fall short of perfection. Simply put, this plush mattress is proof that sweet dreams really do come true.

This product is manufactured overseas and sourced by a US supplied.

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Customer reviews

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5.0 out of 5 stars Oprah of beds.
THIS 👏🏻 BED 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 JAM. First off, I'm a flight attendant. I sleep in a lot of hotel beds. I know what a good and bad bad feels like. THIS BE...More
THIS 👏🏻 BED 👏🏻 IS 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 JAM. First off, I'm a flight attendant. I sleep in a lot of hotel beds. I know what a good and bad bad feels like. THIS BED IS AMAZING. Feeling impartial about the non conforming bed of the future? Think you'll miss the springs? No way. I promise. I felt the same. I sat there for 36 hours straight watching this bed rise in my kitchen festering the idea that I made a mistake. What is this? Why does it have to rise? Who even am I right now? The instructions were like one sentence and I probably messed it up. Omg what if I messed up?! 2017 is weird, I hate this. I hate New things. JK NOPE. I HAVE NO REGRETS! This bed cured my boyfriend's back pain. This bed cured my sleepless nights. MY PHAT @zz can sleep on my side without my spine feeling broken in half. I can sleep on my back or stomach no problem. I can't remember the last time I slept through the night... Now I can't wake up. We spent three days sleeping til 2pm. Today I missed my alarm for work by 2 hours. I legitimately slept through 2 hours of backup alarms that go off every 10 minutes. THIS BED IS THE DEVIL. But like a good devil that greets you with puppies and all things great in this world. This bed is the Oprah of beds. This bed is like getting a whole row to yourself on an airplane. This bed is like seeing your ex and they look like a potato and your eyeliner is so fleek it pierces their heart. This bed is freshly signed divorced papers. THIS BED IS ALL YOU NEED IN THIS LIFE. Its dirt cheap, soft yet firm, and will make you laugh pretty hard the first time you're trying to get rowdy on it. I've had this bed a few weeks now and I am pretty convinced that this is the best decision I've ever made in my life besides losing my virginity and buying a motorcycle. TOP THREE for sure. So stop debating and order this bed. Just do it. (Shia lebeouff voice) (I probably spelt that wrong)

Oh and it doesn't smell bad. I read that it did. It smelled like it was compressed in a bag and shipped across the country which was expected, but it went away. Also the box makes a rad cat house.

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Amazon Customer
5.0 out of 5 stars Pretty good deal! What's with all the negativity?
Purchased on 7/12/17 for $189. Had a sinking feeling in my gut all week because of negative reviews on Amazon. I've only slept on the bed two nights n...More
Purchased on 7/12/17 for $189. Had a sinking feeling in my gut all week because of negative reviews on Amazon. I've only slept on the bed two nights now, but I feel like something is going on here that's just not right. Let's talk about the smell, I have seen a lot of complaints comparing it to the smell of "wet paint", I find that comparison absolutely disingenuous. There is an odor, it's the smell of new foam. I would say on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the strongest, this odor falls in in at about 2 or 3. After 24-48 hours, I would say it is a 1 or less. I can't smell it unless I'm face down in the mattress with the sheets off inhaling deeply. Just for the reader's reference, I have painted a handful of bedrooms. The odor of wet paint registers as a strong 7 out of 10 to me. Also, just a side note -- the instructions recommended I open the bed in a well ventilated area, I opened it in my room with the air conditioner on. Everything was fine.

The instructions also recommended I wait 48 hours before sleeping on the bed, so I did. Even though it appeared to be 90% expanded in 5-7 minutes, I gave it two days anyway. My first impression of the bed is that it is firm, very firm. It's definitely a lot different than the 20 year old box spring I was sleeping on. But wow, after a full day at work and breaking the old bed down/putting this one together I got right to sleep. The foam contoured to my body and I woke up feeling pretty good the next morning. There was no feeling of ecstasy, I didn't wake up with some remarkable experience and I'm not in love with it, but I did wake up feeling pretty darn good. Also I did sleep all night without tossing/turning, which is a big plus.

The second big complaint that concerned me was in regard to sinking into the mattress and having difficulty turning side to side because of sinking. I haven't experienced this, as of this moment those claims are completely unfounded. I'm 6'1 and 315 pounds, I can easily turn from side to side even after the foam contours to my body. I don't understand this complaint, at best I would say it is exaggerated.

The bed in a box market is extremely volatile right now, a handful of companies are competing with one another in a relatively new market. I don't want to be a conspiracy theorist, but something about the hate this bed is receiving just doesn't seem right. Looks like there's a lot of exaggeration going on, but I can only comment on my experience.

I included a picture of the bed, apologies for the mess... the comforter set I ordered won't be in for another day. Also apologies for my roommates, who occasionally just come in my room and get in the bed. I guess they will be buying one of their own soon.

I will edit this review around October 2017 and update with more information. Just felt I had a responsibility to clear some things up about the bed.


Update as of 11/27/17. I'm a month late on my promised update. This mattress has survived a move to a new home. I have slept on it every night and it hasn't given an inch. It's still holding up extremely well, I am fully satisfied with my purchase. I see the overwhelmingly negative 1 star reviews are still pouring in on this product, it doesn't make sense to me. It MUST be under attack by competitors, no idea how else to explain it. I would buy this mattress again and again, and I have recommended it to everyone who has asked about it. I have met a few people who own them, and they love them as well. This is the bed-in-a-box killer at a price other companies would charge you for a single pillow. Buy it.

EDIT 2 ( 4/29/2018):

I just got back from my parents house, who purchased two of these mattresses after I shared my experience. They tried to put one of them on a traditional bed-frame with a box spring and experienced significant sinking. I am going to equate this problem to the reviews left by other Amazon customers on this item. If you try to put this mattress on a traditional box spring, you are going to have a bad time. You need to purchase the Zinus frame, or a similar generic frame made for a memory foam mattress to go with this item.
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5.0 out of 5 stars I have had this mattress for 8 years
I purchased this mattress when I purchased my house 8 years ago. I had been sleeping on a 20 year old spring king size mattress.I have the 12” Green T...More
I purchased this mattress when I purchased my house 8 years ago. I had been sleeping on a 20 year old spring king size mattress.
I have the 12” Green Tea version. King. I am a 36 year old side sleeper who weighs 140 lbs.
My wife is a 27 year old side and back sleeper who weighs around 250 lbs.
I have the pleasure of being able to tell you how this mattress compares with a Zinus 8” cooling gel mattress and a 10” Green Tea mattress.
In the 8 years I have owned this 12” mattress not a lot has changed. It has broken in but not down. It is noticeably less firm than the other mattresses without being considered not firm.
There are no lumps, dips, divets or sunken in spots. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
In fact I know 6 other people who have purchased this mattress solely because they house sat my dogs for me while on vacation and slept in my bed.
So let’s break it down:
I purchased the mattress and it came tightly rolled and compressed in a bag that was in a box. I dragged the box to my spare bedroom and dumped it out. I rolled the plastic with the bed in it out and carefully pulled the plastic away from the mattress before carefully cutting along the seam in a quick motion with a box cutter. It immediately began to inflate. I pulled the plastic complete off and left it on the guest room floor. At the time I had just purchased the house. The carpet was clean and the only other item in the room were 3 moving boxes. I opened the 2 windows in the room. It was spring in SC so about 80 degrees. I left the room and continued to clean and unpack. I checked on the mattress about 6 hours later and it looked fully inflated. The room had a smell. It was very light and smelled like new foam as to be expected. I went along and plucked at the corners which were all still not fully up. Left the room and cleaned. I checked in it again before going to bed that night. The bed looked fully inflated, including the corners. I did not touch it. I went to bed and left it alone until that next night giving it almost a full 48 hours. I dragged my old mattress out of my room that night and leaned it against a wall in the spare room and then with the help of my then girlfriend, took the new mattress and placed it on my bed frame. (Which is an adjustable bed frame. More on that later.) there was no longer a smell. I grabbed my old sheets which fit on it perfectly even though this mattress is 12” and my old one was 6”. Grabbed my comforter and pillows and me, my girlfriend and 35 lb Australian cattle dog Beaux and 6 lb chihuahua Wiggles lay down. Heaven.
I was 28 and weighed 115 lbs at that time. I had hurt my back at work tripping over a cord while carrying a heavy load when I was 23. My back had never been the same. For the first time in 5 years I lay on that mattress and no longer felt the pressure in my back. Or the constant searing pain. I do not sink into it. It’s by no means cloud like or marshmallow plush. On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being most firm and wooden plank like and 10 being marshmallow soft where you sink and get trapped this is a 3-4. It relieves pressure points but isn’t hard. I don’t bend when I lay on it but can feel my hip and shoulder go in. I don’t get very hot on it and I’m a very hot, very light restless sleeper. Any movement, light, sound, breathing will wake me up. Basically I’m just really bad at sleeping. It’s very good at not transferring movement so my girlfriend could roll or move and I wouldn’t wake up. When I bought the mattress I also got a waterproof cover because Wiggles was 14 and had seizures. Sometimes he would wet himself during the seizures so the protector could protect the mattress. It doesn’t crinkle and you can’t feel it, but even 8 years later the mattress looks like the day I drug it onto the bed.
It bends on an adjustable base but is thick enough that it doesn’t bend all the way. The base also vibrates to massage your back. I can feel it through the mattress as well though it is very dampened.
Sexy time is no different on this than with a spring mattress. You don’t sink in, there is less bounce and no squeaky springs.

Fast forward to 2020. The pandemic. I am now 34 and weigh 155 lbs. mattress still feels and looks the same even with weight gain. No bumps or lumps and not hot, unless it’s summer but no matter what mattress you have you’re gonna be hot when it’s 106 degrees outside and the ac on your 102 barely insulated house is struggling.

My spare room is no longer empty with just 3 boxes. It’s now a whole guest room. And it also has a Zinus bed frame and 10” green tea mattress. 10” compared to 12” is a little bit on the firmer side. Now a 2-3 on that scale from earlier. Still pressure relieving but motion transfers a little more. Beaux was testing it out with me and rolled and I could feel the bed jump. Guests still absolutely love it and talk about buying one. I always take them to my room so they can lay on mine and tell me if they feel a difference. They always end up choosing the 12” and buy it for their home.

I have slept on the cooling foam Zinus mattress at 8” at my mother in laws house. It is not noticeably cooler but IS noticeably firmer. A 1.5 on that scale from earlier. Just shy of being a wooden plank. I was stiff the next day and my shoulders and torn back muscle aches. My advice is to go thicker on the mattress no matter your weight. Gives more pressure relief without giving you the sink. My mattress at 12” is by no means not firm but it’s also pressure relieving and not rock like.

It’s now October 29th 2022.
I’m 36 and weigh 140. Wiggles is no longer with us but the mattress cover and Beaux remain. Stryker the 50 lb Australian cattle dog has joined us. I write this review at 8:09 am, laying on the mattress. I slept for 7.5 hours and have no pains, stiffness or aches. I feel well rested. My wife is slightly snoring and just rolled a little and I barely felt it and only because I was awake to notice. I highly recommend this mattress and will replace it with another one exactly like it at the 10 year mark if it feels like it needs to be replaced. It doesn’t feel any different than the day I bought it now though. Maybe the 12-15 year mark if that’s the case.

Sweet dreams and have a good night, y’all.
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