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Futons & Sleepers

Futons & Sleeper Sofas

Futons are a popular and comfortable choice as a versatile seating arrangement for any home. If you like to entertain guests, then a futon is a great place where your friends can sit and turn into a bed when they decide to stay the night. Choosing the right futon bed is also about selecting the right futon mattress. Make sure that you choose a futon mattress whose texture matches the other fabrics in your décor. A comfortable futon bed works well in every home, from a small apartment to a multi-purpose guest room. And you can browse some of the smallest futons on Hawkins Woodshop, such as a futon chair if you need something that doesn't take up too much space.

Futons come in many different shapes and sizes and are easily customizable to your home décor. Explore hundreds of futons for your home. You can purchase a futon set which includes the frame, mattress and/or covers, or you can purchase your parts one at a time. Futon sets are great because it is a fast and easy way to get the futon you want without making too many decisions beforehand. But if you want a custom futon set, you can certainly put one together yourself. Some futons are just one whole piece and don't break down or separate into pieces, other futons come in a few parts. The most popular futons sleep between one and two people, but there are futons made for a single person, and futons made for more than two people. These break down into futon beds, futon chairs, or futon couches. Accessories your guest room or living room with a new futon!
Futon covers covers make it easy to customize your futon by simply sliding a cover over an old or new futon mattress. You can find covers for any type of futon whether it’s a futon chair or a futon bed there are plenty of options to decide between. Starting is simple. Choose the type of slipcover you desire. From one-piece selections, separate seat slipcovers, to furniture throw covers. You can shop by size as well—Hawkins Woodshop has covers in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. You can shop our wide selection of futon covers that come with either plain or patterned design and multiple material options. Futon covers not only make it easy to customize your futon mattress, but they also can protect your cushion from unforeseen spills and stains.
Futon mattresses should be easily foldable and comfortable to both sit and sleep on. Well-made futon mattresses are often padded with cotton, foam, or polyester so that your guests can get a comfortable night’s rest. Futon mattresses are not typically made with springs (although they're an option on Hawkins Woodshop), so you won’t have to worry about your guests tossing and turning at night on an uncomfortable, thin, and springy mattress. On Hawkins Woodshop, you can choose the thickness you desire for your futon mattress. Thickness ranges from 4 inches to more than 12. Whether you're upgrading to a new mattress for your futon, or you're new to owning a futon and need a new mattress, you can find what you're looking for easily on Hawkins Woodshop.

Futon frames are often exposed, which means it’s important that you choose a frame that will go well with the rest of your décor. You can find futon frames in all sorts of colors and materials, from wood to metal. You can match your futon frame with a stylish futon cover, so that you can pull your room décor together. If you aren’t sure about your room design, then a light wood frame can be adapted for many different styles. Choose the frame style you want, from contemporary, to rustic and traditional. Shop by life stage so that your frame is appropriately sized and has the general look you're going for.  Enjoy free shipping!