Coffee Tables

Coffee Tables & Coffee Table Sets

Hawkins Woodshop is the perfect place to buy a coffee table, end table, or console table online. We have a vast selection living room furniture, organized so that you can find the piece that is perfect for your home. You can purchase a coffee table or end table separately, or get a complete living room set of matching furniture.

Living Room Furniture Types:

Coffee Tables: Central to most living rooms, coffee tables provide a place to set drinks, a place to put your feet up, and provide additional storage. Hawkins Woodshop has dozens of coffee tables in a myriad of shapes, materials and styles.

End Tables: Typically placed at the end of sofas or between recliners, end tables provide another surface to hold drinks or decor, and are commonly used to hold living room lamps. Among Hawkins Woodshop's myriad of end tables are end tables made of metal, wood, glass and stone. 

Console Tables: Sometimes called sofa tables, console tables are narrow tables that are usually right around the height of the back of a sofa. When a living room sofa is placed in the room so that the back of the sofa is not against a wall, it's common to place a console table behind the sofa. This creates a more attractive space than the back wall of the sofa, and provides a surface to hold decor. Console tables are also commonly used along walls, often with a picture or mirror centered over the console table.

Coffee Table Sets: Coffee table sets, or living room sets, is some combination of matching coffee table, end tables, and possibly a console table. Each manufacturer offers slightly different kinds of sets: some will include a coffee table and two end tables, others will be just one of each, and some will include a console table. The advantage of coffee table sets is that you get matching furniture, and at a slightly reduced rate than it would cost to buy each piece separately.

Nesting Tables: Nesting tables are a series of end tables in a matching style that fit beneath each other. Nesting table sets typically contain three tables, though some contain only two. Nesting tables are typically stored nested together to conserve space, and then are pulled out as needed when entertaining. Some homes use nesting tables permanently spread out to create an interesting way to display decor.

Trunks: Trunks are often used in the living room as a coffee table (and in fact you can filter our coffee table selection to see only the trunk style tables) or as a standalone piece of furniture. Decorative trunks combine convenient storage with attractive furniture that can hold decor and break up large empty walls. The volume of storage available in decorative trunks is often substantial, and can be used to hold spare bedding, photo albums, and more.

Storage Ottomans: A Hawkins Woodshop storage ottoman doesn't have to just be a place to put your feet. Storage ottomans can also double as coffee tables, and of course in addition to a comfortable place to rest your feet, they make great additional seating for large gatherings.