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  • ➤Light Cube: Shape the light into an excellent waterproof cube so it can not only float on the swimming pool, but also can be used as a chair or table indoors and outdoors., colored LED lighting can make people no longer bored and enjoy the charming atmosphere, perfect decor for kid’s room, nursery, classroom, swimming pool, deck, patio, bar, company, hotel, party, wedding, etc.
  • ➤Customizable Colors and Multiple Controls: 16 static RGB colors, 5 brightness adjustments and 4 dynamic lighting modes(FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE), cordless design color your life with remote control or pressing the bottom of the cube, eye-caring LED makes uniform soft color light that doesn’t hurt eyes, furthermore, matte surface makes cube more comfortable to sit.
  • ➤Eco-Friendly and Load-bearing up to 300 lb: The led cube shell is one-shot molding with toy-grade Polyethylene, completely free of UV, IR, lead, mercury, and other toxic elements, and completely waterproof and dustproof(IP65) without any gaps, the sturdy cube can carry weights up to 300 pounds and is easy to clean, just wipe it with a rag.
  • ➤4400MAh Battery and 18 LED Lamp Beads: Only LOFTEK upgraded the rechargeable battery to 4400mAh and upgraded the number of LED beads to 18, lighting time and brightness are better than others. LOFTEK cube up to 10-12 hours of lighting only needs 5-6 hours to be fully charged, if the battery or light bulb life is exhausted, just unscrew the screw on the bottom of the cube and replace the new base to get it back to work like a new cube again. (Base’s Asin: B07TYD56SC)
  • ➤What You Get: 35 days free return and quick refund, 12-month free replacement for product quality issue, and lifetime prompt customer service. Please note: If you need more help, please feel free to contact us and we will always be here to help.

Product Description

LOFTEK 16-inches 16 RGB Colors Changing LED Light Cube Furniture

A home atmosphere decoration light-up cube furniture that can be controlled by remote or press on the cube bottom.

Want your furniture to make colorful?

Want your toy room, children’s room, kindergarten into a dream paradise?

Looking to spice up your living room, porch, garden, deck anywhere transform into a uniquely charming atmosphere?

With a wide range of shapes and sizes, all featuring beautiful colored LED lighting technology, the LOFTEK shape light is a cool, stylish piece of decoration for any setting.

Why Choose LOFTEK (Unique Advantage)

4400 mAh Battery

LOFTEK: LOFTEK upgraded the Chargeable battery capacity to 4400 mAh, and the lighting time was up to 10-12 hours, enough to illuminate the whole night.

Other: They are only 3600 mAh, only illuminate for 6 hours.

18 Lamp Beads

LOFTEK: LOFTEK upgraded the number of lamp beads to 18, the whole cube is brighter, and the use of LED lamp beads is more energy-saving, will not heat.

Other: They are only 12 lamp beads, and brightness is very dim.

Toy-grade polyethylene

LOFTEK: LOFTEK cube shell is one-shot molding with toy-grade polyethylene without any gaps, strong and sturdy, completely free of UV, IR, lead, mercury, and other toxic elements.

Other: They are made of ordinary plastic with rough workmanship.

Packaging Includes

  • 1 X 16-inch LED Cube Furniture
  • 1 X Remote Control
  • 1 X 5V1A charger
  • 1 X User Manual

Two Control Methods

  1. Remote Control: When the cube light is far away from you, it can be controlled by remote control, the control distance is 16 to 26 feet. Such as, the cube light is at the pool decor, you can control it inside the house; And can remotely control the cube light in the child’s room or the cube light on the floor in the distance without getting up.
  2. Press control: When the cube light is nearby, it can be controlled by pressing the bottom button.

Multiple Color & Mode Selection

  1. Memory function, after restarting the light cube, the lighting color is still the color setting before turning off.
  2. 16 RGB static colors light selections.
  3. 5 kinds of brightness adjustment.
  4. 4 dynamic lighting modes selections(FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE).
  • [Flash] Cycle 7 colors with flashing
  • [Strobe] Blinking the white constantly
  • [Fade] Cycle 7 colors with fading effect between colors
  • [Smooth] Cycle 7 colors with smooth transitions

Easy & Fast Charging

  1. Equipped with a 5V1A adapter. Convenient to carry, can be carried anywhere to charge. If you lose the adapter, you can search “B07TT2XR5G” to purchase.
  2. Only need 1.5-2 hours to fully charge, unplug the waterproof rubber plug at the bottom of the cube light when charging, and re-plug it when full to avoid water.
  3. Note: Do not keep the cube light in the charging state all the time, and unplug the power after full charge to avoid damage to the battery. The cube indicator light will emit a weak red light when charging, and emit a weak green light when fully charged.

Waterproof & Floating

  1. The chair shell is one-shot molding with toy-grade polyethylene, completely waterproof and dustproof without any gaps.
  2. The chair base and the chair shell are fused with a high-density waterproof rubber ring, and the base lamp beads and battery are all sealed in the base inner cover, double waterproof, can completely float on swimming pools, bathtubs, lakes, etc all occasions of water.

Wide Range of Use

  • Indoor: The multi-functional LOFTEK light cube can be used not only as furniture, but also as a decorative lamp. It can be used in home environments such as rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, children’s rooms, toy rooms, etc., as well as in commercial environments such as kindergartens, game halls, bars, KTV, libraries, exhibition halls, cafes, etc.
  • Outdoor: LOFTEK cube light not only has excellent waterproof performance, but also floats on the water, so that it can withstand all kinds of extreme weather. It can be used in decks, gardens, squares, swimming pools and all the outdoor scenes.

DIY Graphics

  • On Festival: It can use stickers to make various shapes and ghost faces, and also be used in family activities to cultivate children’s hands-on skills and parent-child communication between parents and children, DIY graphics can make your activities more exciting.
  • In Business Exhibition: In exhibitions or other commercial activities, commercial patterns and logos can be affixed or printed on the cube to attract customers through color changes.


  • Waterproof Tips: It is recommended not to float on the water for a long time, place it on land when not in use, you can float on the water at night to decorate, pick it up during the day and charge it, which is conducive to extending the life of the cube light.
  • Charging Tips: Please don’t keep the cube lamp charged all the time, please unplug the charging cable and cover the DC jack with the waterproof rubber plug when fully charged. The cube emits a faint red light when charging, and emits a faint green light when fully charged.

Size (Height) 8-inch 6-inch 8-inch 12-inch 4-inch 16-inch
Light Color RGB (16 color tones) RGB (16 color tones) RGB (16 color tones) RGB (16 color tones) RGB (16 color tones) RGB (16 color tones)
Remote Control
Waterproof Grade IP65(Can float on water) IP65(Can float on water) IP65(Can float on water) IP65(Can float on water) IP65(Can float on water) IP65(Can float on water)
Shell Material Toy-grade polyethylene Toy-grade polyethylene Toy-grade polyethylene Toy-grade polyethylene Toy-grade polyethylene Toy-grade polyethylene

Seat Material Type Acrylic
Color White
Product Dimensions 16″D x 16″W x 16″H
Size 16-inch

This product is manufactured overseas and sourced from a US supplier.  

Shipping & Delivery


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LOFTEK LED Light Cube: 16-Inch 16 RGB Colors Cube Chair with Remote, Rechargeable Cool Stools, IP65 Waterproof Glow Furniture Perfect for Kid’S Room, Party, Nursery, Pool Deck, Bar