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Mindy Moore
5.0 out of 5 stars My favorite laundry hamper
I just love it! It looks just like the pictures (so, pretty great).The newer models also easily support enough weight on top to make a napping spot fo...More
I just love it! It looks just like the pictures (so, pretty great).
The newer models also easily support enough weight on top to make a napping spot for cats. Which probably a plus for me...

Once assembled, there's also no hard edges on this. Laundry areas (next to the laundry machines, in closets, the laundromat, whatever) tend to be pretty cramped, and I have a huge skeleton inside me. I would often scrape myself on plastic hampers. Not the end of the world (I will stay strong), but I definitely appreciate the design on this hamper!

I guess I could try to find some negatives. If you overstuff it hard, it will potentially unglue the little 'wood' slats, which will probably make it less sturdy in the long run. I've had two of these for years and they are fine, but it's still worth noting. A plastic one might warp, but it won't buckle like this one would under the same pressure. Also, if you have one of the older ones, the lids didn't used to be slightly over-sized like they are now. This means that enough pressure on top could bend the lid enough to let it fall into the basket.

Still my favorite hamper. Makes you look like you have more money than you do for sure.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Bigger than I thought
Great. Super easy to put together, looks nice - not cheap, and is sturdy enough for my cat to sleep on. It’s actually huge! I was so concerned with ge...More
Great. Super easy to put together, looks nice - not cheap, and is sturdy enough for my cat to sleep on. It’s actually huge! I was so concerned with getting one big enough that I didn’t pay attention and it doesn’t fit where I need it to, but that’s fine. It’s nice.
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just a rock
5.0 out of 5 stars Nice looking
I love this hamper. I liked it so much that I went back and purchased another one for my bath towels. This is large and holds about 3 loads of laundry...More
I love this hamper. I liked it so much that I went back and purchased another one for my bath towels. This is large and holds about 3 loads of laundry. This is not a hamper that I like moving around, however. Simply because it's so big and by the time it's full, it's very heavy. I just have a smaller basket I use to grab what I want to wash and that's what works for me. It helped me get rid of my old plastic hampers that were falling apart and were an eyesore. I personally don't use the lids but it is a nice-looking option.
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Laundry Hamper with Lid, Bamboo Launry Basket with Handles, Foldable Storage Basket for Laundry Room, Bedroom, 100L, Brown



Enjoy free nationwide delivery when supporting our family’s small business.

  • CORRAL ALL YOUR LAUNDRY HERE: Toss all your laundry into this spacious 24.6 Gal (100L) hamper—clothes, blankets, socks, or even bedding—saving hours on digging through everything for laundry each weekend
  • PUT THE LID ON: Don’t let the piled up dirty clothes ruin the beauty of your room. After you throw them in the hamper, simply cover it with the lid—perfect! All unsightly laundry is hidden now
  • HAUL THE BASKET TO LAUNDRY? Not necessarily. The inner bag is removable, so you can just collect dirty clothes upstairs and carry the inner bag with the whole load to the washing machine with ease
  • STABILITY OVER ALL: Made from natural, renewable bamboo with a supporting metal ring and reinforced bottom, the laundry basket boasts superior strength and stability to keep its shape and hold up to 55 lb
  • WHAT YOU GET: A bamboo laundry hamper with an elegant look, an easy-to-assemble lid, a removable and breathable liner bag, 2 handles for easy carrying, and a large volume of 26.4 gal
Color Brown
Number of Compartments 1
Capacity 100 Liters
Material Metal, Bamboo

This product is manufactured overseas and sourced from a US supplier.

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