End & Side Tables

End & Side Tables

When it comes to decorating your living room, nothing helps accent your room better than a well-chosen side table. They create a perfect spot to place your TV remotes or books, and can even serve as a spot to add some greenery into your room. Three things to consider when choosing the right side table for your home are side table size, shape, and color. Once you have these picked out you'll have all you need to get the perfect table! Shop C End & Side Tables to find the perfect table you can move right up next to your couch. Shop Nested End & Side Tables to find a set of nesting tables that allow for additional table space whenever you may need it.

Side Table Size:  Couch end & side tables come in all sorts of sizes. The most common size is a small side table. This size is popular because you can fit multiple in between your other furniture pieces in your space. If you are looking for a side table to fill an empty space in your room, opt for a wide end table. End tables come with all sorts of storage options, perfect for your need of extra storage in your living space. Whether you need a large or small side table, Hawkins Woodshop has a variety of options that will fit your needs.

Side Table Shape: After you've decided on what size your side table should be, you should think about the shape of your side table. Round end & side tables are the most popular because they give you the most options in terms of how you can set the orientation of your table. If you are looking for something more square, a narrow side table is another good option. A narrow side table is perfect if you don't have too much legroom in between couches so you can have an end table and still save on space. No matter what type of couch side table you choose, here at Hawkins Woodshop you can always find the right end & side tables for you!

Side Table Color Lastly, you need to pick a color. With minimalism and modern design being popular styles, a white side table is a great choice. White side tables can create contrast in dark colored rooms or they can blend in and accent lighter rooms. You can find a side table in almost any color of the spectrum on Hawkins Woodshop, so choose the shade that best fits you.